Contact: is my email address.

Replies will usually be within a few days but you must follow the instructions below. If you do not I may not even see your email!

All students must use Rutgers Blackboard. I will use it frequently to contact you. Note, many files will be on the website and may not be sent via Blackboard.


Horticulture lecture and lab students must put GHs16 at the beginning of the subject line plus your last name in emails to me followed by the reason for the email. Put in a subject matter after your name to let me know what the email is about. Your communication will then go automatically into a folder I check regularly. Plant Ecology students must use PEs16 on the subject line as above.

The code must be exactly as shown and is case sensitive. Please put your name right after the code; e.g., GHf16 Clinton - server problems & truths.You may note the nature of the communication right after your name as I have done here.

This will ensure that your email is not treated as junk mail. I will not answer any email without the code and name at the beginning of the subject line. I will probably not even see your email without the code. In life it is important to follow instructions. Make no mistake about this instruction, it is essential if you wish me to see and read your emails. I truly want to see your emails, so do me a favor and follow this simple instruction.

In an emergency call my off-campus office at 908-852-4855 and ask for my assistant, Susan - don't bother with anyone else; leave a message with her. I will usually be available in Boyden Hall office from about 8:45-9:45 AM Tuesday-Thursday.

If you are not enrolled in my classes and wish to contact me, use the code Rutgers in the subject line followed by your name and the subject of concern or interest. It is likely that I will then get your email.

Prof. Crow