spring 2016

Plant Ecology

There is no book. Dr. Crow will explain the web, notes, and library assighments.

General Horticulture

The required texts are listed in the syllabus and are in digital format.

Make sure you always have a #2 pencil with you.

You will be required to bring the lab instructions to laboratory. The instructions will be on the web in pdf format.

Note - attendance in classes is mandatory for all lectures, laboratories, and field trips.  This fact will be reflected in the grade. No make-up tests of any kind. Don't even ask!!!!! If you ask, we will know that you don't follow instructions.

All students are to email Dr. Crow a note no later than February 15th. Let him know that you have read the general instructions and agree to the requirements of the course.  Also, note in the email that you have read the materials pertaining to the course or courses that you are taking including the "requirements".  If there is anything that you do not understand, let me know. When you email Dr. Francoisplease remember to put your name in the email or he may not see your email. Use the class email codes in the subject line then you last name when sending email: GHs16 for General Horticulture & it lab - PEs16 for Plant Ecology. Begin the subject line with the code exactly as shown then add your last name plus the purpose of the email! The code is case sensitive.