Recommendations requests from Professor Crow

Please follow the instructions below if you would like me to write a recommendation for you.

1. Ask me in person or by email whether or not I will write a recommendation for you. I will only write for those students I can support. I will not write for those students for whom I cannot write positive things. If I say "okay" then you are in business!

2. Send me a copy of your transcript, the materials for the recommendation, a statement about yourself, why you want to do what you are asking me to write for, and a photograph of yourself for my files.

3. You must sign the waiver to your right to access the letter of recommendation. In my opinion, truly confidential letters are best. I will only write for those who waive their right to access.

4. Please make the instructions clear and give me a date or dates the materials need to be in.

5. If postage is required, please provide the postage on the envelopes.

6. Provide me with your email address and phone number in case there is a problem.

That done, I will write the best letter for you that I can.