Fruit Juices

The latest discovery is the fact that Tropicana (a Pepsico company) is using juices from Brazil and other counties in their juice products including orange juice. The company has not yet responded to questions relating to juice quality and health issues. The concerns are pesticides (biocides) and additives that might be harmful. Other countries do not have the same standards as the US and in many instances use banned chemicals and do not control quality as we do in the US. At this time it is not known whether or not Tropicana has addressed these concerns.

It should be noted that Tropicana's USDA Certified Organic orange juice has juices from the US and Brazil. We do assume these juices meet the highest standards and are safe for adults and children.

Check all labels for country of origin. Buy US products or products with a safe history whenever possible. Don't take a chance of adding poisons to your diet. China is always on our watch list.

Click for the reply from Tropicana. I believe this is reassuring and convincing enough for me to keep using the Tropican Products.


Recently it became obvious that spices that have been grown in and available from the US and other counties with trustworthy agricultural and product safety practices are no longer the sources for these spices. For example, oregano has been from the US and Europe and is regarded as safe. Note this is a leaf product so applications of pesticides are a serious concern as are additives to the packaged product.

Well, some companies are now selling oregano from China. China is known for unsafe food products, etc.

Just ask pet owners. Poisonous plastic material was added to pet food in order to raise the apparent level of protein (the plastic contained Nitrogen compounds that falsely read higher for protein and was added to fool the public). More on this later. You should note that the prices did not drop and we know it is a lot cheaper from China. Does this even sound good!

Check all labels for country of origin.